We can review plans, make site or home visits and provide written quotations as required. You can be assured that our tradesmen will always be well presented and courtious in your home, at your place of business or on a job site.

We take pride in the way we present and conduct ourselves and are mindful that we are working in your space.

The team at T.G.Pell is extremely adapt at working in with builders, installers and the whole range of other tradespeople and services.

Clear professional communication between various project managers and tradespeople makes a job much more efficient and results in a better outcome within time lines. We always work closely and in co-ordination with other parties to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

  • Directly for residential home owners needing domestic services. 
  • Body corporates, real estate agents and landlords requiring property work. 
  • Builders, and construction companies. 
  • Home Theatre
  • Renovators and owner builders.
  • Data and Phone
  • Insurance companies and people requiring insurance repairs or replacement. 
  • Builders and installers of pools, spas and outdoor areas requiring power and/or lighting. 
  • Manufacurers and installers of gates, rollerdoors and security access. 
  • Installers of heating, cooling, air conditioning and refridgeration systems. 
  • Commercial businesses needing power, lighting, data and telepone lines in shops and offices.
  • Heavy industry, machinery installation and factories. 
  • Schools, churches and other community venues.